Armelle has an amazing past.

Armelle came to the U.S. with nothing more than a suitcase in hand, a strong French accent and diplomas she couldn’t use. But she fell in love with America, and she was determined to make it work.

Born on the French island of La Reunion, near Madagascar, and raised in Africa, New Caledonia and the South of France, Armelle lives in San Francisco, which she considers the most open-minded city in the world. In her free time Armelle is a frequent swimmer, tennis player, photographer, movie fan, music lover, cook and social organizer for her many friends. She enjoys life to its fullest and truly embodies all the businesses she created.

  • NATIONALITIES French / American
  • MOTTO We’re all on the same life boat. Only by joining forces can we reach the other side.
  • Lives In San Francisco

    Forward many years later: Armed with courage, endurance (and luck), she proceeds to use social networking to meet the right people. The results: She is the founder and CEO of Armelle Productions, creator of MyWizeBook.com to keep America super organized, SuperImmigrant.com: the BRAND for Proud Immigrants, TripMelody.com: The World’s Best Travel Blog Service, iStayYoung.com: a Health Club for the Mind, ZParadise.com an uplifting community for children, and publisher of The Road to Paradise.


    Armelle's grandfather, Maurice Cloche, was the first director to receive the Oscar for Best Foreign Movie by inspiring his audience. Like him, Armelle wants to bring through her stories, a message of hope needed by so many today.

    No matter what she writes about: fantasy, science-fiction or romance, Armelle’s stories have a spiritual twist


    -Surround yourself with great people

    -Expose yourself to new people, ideas & lifestyles

    -Give a lot

    -Learn to say “no”

    -Develop a fantastic attitude

    -Know your priorities

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    Road To Paradise

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    10 Effective Ways to Promote & Sell My Screenplay

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    My Wize Book

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